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Best Gaming Setup for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

The best gaming setup will allow you to play graphically demanding games in total comfort, without the fear of your PC overheating or your keyboard or mouse failing. These days, PC gaming is more popular than ever. The rise in demand for faster processors and more capable graphics cards have forced manufacturers to create computers that are more powerful and less prone to overheating in the middle of a game. But if you don’t have the right gaming setup, you can actually run the risk of damaging your PC and other gear. Now, let’s delve a little deeper on what makes a good gaming setup and where to find a powerful PC that can handle the types of graphically challenging games that most gamers love.

The best gaming setup will feature a powerful PC with plenty of RAM and a model that can handle graphically demanding games without overheating,  a high-res monitor, a gaming keyboard and mouse, and other accessories that many gamers enjoy such as headsets, subs, and gaming desktops. Of course, the right setup for you should be based on your personal preferences, the types of games you enjoy playing, and most importantly, your budget.

Keep on reading to learn more about the ultimate gaming setup, the type of must-have gear you need and what type of PC can handle many of today’s leading games.

The PC Gamer

As PC gaming continues to dominate the market, scoring a higher popularity rating than even gaming consoles, you’ll be looking at not just leading gaming PCs, but a wide range of gaming gear including desks, gaming monitors, chairs, headsets, and more. PC gaming can actually be an expensive hobby to have, whether you’re simply shopping for a rig or looking for extra gaming accessories that can add to your experience. In this guide, you’ll find out how you can easily create your own budget gaming setup at a price that won’t break the bank.

Your Gaming Station

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Gaming desks are pretty popular these days, especially mechanized standing desks. A desk can be a great way to keep clutter to a minimum while keeping all of your gear within reach. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many desks on the market that are specifically designed with gaming in mind. However, Evodesk is one of the top contenders. It features a highly expandable, adjustable frame, with a desktop that comes complete with ergonomic forearm and wrist positioning, which will promote comfort and allow the user to enjoy a superior gaming experience.

The desk also features thousands of high-intensity light reflecting microscopic points that create the perfect surface for any of your high-end gaming accessories. The desk is also designed to keep your cables out of sight and organized with the cable pass-through called Smart Pass. Evodesk has a wide variety of styles and desk configurations to choose from, so you can find the right desk that will meet your needs and work with the space available in your home.

Gaming PC

Creating your own custom built gaming PC can be fun and exciting, but it can also end up costing you a fortune. These days, as gaming continues to rise in popularity, many manufacturers are now producing premade budget-friendly gaming PCs that still come loaded with great features including fast processors and top of the line graphics cards. We recommend the CYBERTRONPC ASSAULT A46 gaming desktop. It has a reputation for power, versatility, and can handle many of the graphically demanding games that are so popular right now.


What’s a gaming PC without a powerful monitor that’s designed to handle high-quality graphics and produce a large high-def image of your game? Most serious gamers go with a monitor that’s around twenty-four to twenty-seven inches. Some monitors are also specially designed for gaming, so they’re equipped with multi-display gaming setups.



There are so many wireless gaming keyboards to choose from that finding the right one really is just a matter of your budget. However, top of the line models will feature some great extras such as detachable soft-touch wrist rests, which will allow you to play your favorite game for hours on end, in total comfort. You can also find keyboards with colorful backlighting, so you can enjoy your gaming experience in the dark.  Better yet, since these keyboards are wireless, you can sit back and relax during an intense game and save your back from the strain that comes with leaning forward when you use a traditional wired keyboard.


You can pair your wireless keyboard with a leading gaming mouse for the total experience. This type of mouse will feature innovative three-zone technology, complete with programmable buttons and backlighting. Most models will also come with a high-mass scroll wheel. You can easily tell when a mouse is designed with gaming in mind because of the configurable weights, sniper button positioning and high-capacity switches that are rated for millions of clicks per minute.


Many serious gamers prefer to use headsets and pay close attention to the value of sound in their games, not to mention rich visuals. Leading headsets will deliver realistic audio detail and top noise isolation technology. Additionally, you can also find heavily padded headsets that can provide the perfect snug fit designed for prolonged use.


Gaming subs can add an extra element to your gaming experience offering big balanced sound. Many subs are so small they can fit into tight spaces and are still capable of delivering deep bass.

Related Questions

Do I have to Use a Wireless Keyboard for Gaming?

Absolutely not. There are many gaming keyboards that are wired, which some gamers prefer. Unlike a wireless keyboard, the wired variety does not run on batteries, so you won’t have to worry about swapping them out, should your keyboard take a dip in performance during a game. Many wired models are equipped with the same features that their wireless counterparts are, such as backlighting, that the only real difference is you won’t have the freedom to sit anywhere in a room like you will if you use a wireless model.

What Do I Need to Look for in a PC that can Handle Gaming?

Most gaming enthusiasts will recommend searching for a model that has a faster processor and plenty of storage space. Of course, the graphics card will also be important. Fortunately, these days, there are great gaming PCs that can be found in a variety of price points. Keep in mind, lower-priced models will not have as much RAM as higher priced PCs, but they can still provide the type of great gaming experience many people are looking for. To learn more about the leading models of gaming PCs on the market and the features you should check out, click here to read my buyer’s guide.

Final Thoughts

The best gaming setup will be one that consists of high-quality components, including a top gaming PC, monitor, headset, desk, subs, and a gaming keyboard and mouse. While it may not be reasonable to purchase all of this gear at once, you can gradually upgrade your gear and enjoy a true gaming experience like no other.

Best Gaming Setup for the Ultimate Gaming Experience
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Best Gaming Setup for the Ultimate Gaming Experience
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