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The Gamer on a Budget

How to Create a Budget Gaming Setup

Gaming is a hobby for many and a lifestyle for some. But for most, having the right type of gaming setup can seem too costly, at least when it comes to the main components, such as the PC and monitor. But it is possible to own a budget gaming setup that can perform well, even compared to some high-end setups. A budget gaming setup can […]

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Best Gaming Setup for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

The best gaming setup will allow you to play graphically demanding games in total comfort, without the fear of your PC overheating or your keyboard or mouse failing. These days, PC gaming is more popular than ever. The rise in demand for faster processors and more capable graphics cards have forced manufacturers to create computers that are more powerful and less prone to overheating in […]

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How to Win at League of Legends: Creating a Winning Strategy

How to win at League of Legends is difficult for both the beginner and the seasoned player. But this isn’t your typical game. You’ll quickly find that the amount of information in this game can be very overwhelming and the game itself is very complex and strategy based. Fortunately for you, we’ve created a guide that can help you to finally make some progress in […]

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Wireless vs Wired Mouse: The Better Option for Gaming

Wireless mice offer ultimate portability, while wired mice seem to be the standard for all types of PC users, not just gamers. However, when it comes to specific applications, you need to choose wisely. If you’re a gamer, then you can appreciate a wireless keyboard since you can comfortably hold it in your lap as you play, without worrying about cumbersome wires holding you down […]