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Wireless vs Wired Mouse: The Better Option for Gaming

Wireless mice offer ultimate portability, while wired mice seem to be the standard for all types of PC users, not just gamers. However, when it comes to specific applications, you need to choose wisely.

If you’re a gamer, then you can appreciate a wireless keyboard since you can comfortably hold it in your lap as you play, without worrying about cumbersome wires holding you down when you’re in the middle of an intense fight scene. But what about the mouse? For the gamer, a wireless vs wired mouse can be a matter of personal preference, yet many gamers argue that both styles are not without their drawbacks.

Wireless vs wired mouse: For gaming purposes, you’ll be much better off sticking with a wired mouse as opposed to a wireless model. Wireless mice are battery operated, which means you’ll have to worry about the batteries dying when you’re in the middle of a game. Additionally, they also experience input lag from time to time, which can be a huge problem during a fight scene or another crucial time in a game. Another problem wireless mice have is interference from other wireless devices in the home. The wired mouse can be cumbersome and the cables can get in the way at times, but they’re the most reliable option and one that you can really rely on when you’re gaming your heart out.

As you can see, wired mice offer a more reliable performance, but they don’t offer the type of convenience some gamers need in terms of portability. Continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons for both wired and wireless mice and find out why you should stick with the classic wired mouse for gaming purposes.

Going Wireless

Going Wireless

The wireless mouse was very popular when it first came out. It offers ultimate portability and provides more freedom for the PC user.

The wireless mouse is a great option for the gamer who can’t stand cable drag or cables in general. If you’re playing a game, you need a gaming mouse that can give you some edge when you’re in the middle of a fight or trying to earn some points. You want a mouse that offers top of the line performance, one that’s accurate and a model that can help you win.

But is a wireless mouse really the best choice for gaming? Let’s learn more about each type of gaming mouse available to find out the pros and cons of each type.

Input Lag

Input lag is one of the main reasons most gamers choose a wired mouse over their wireless counterpart. Wireless mice tend to be somewhat slower than wired models because they have to transmit the input using wireless transmission, which can cause lag at times. This type of lag can make the wireless mouse undesirable to many gamers. The wired mouse offers a more reliable performance with fewer delays compared to wireless models, which tends to make them the top choice for serious gamers.


Wireless mice can also experience interference from local interfaces. This type of interference can make your movements in the game seem choppy. However, interference will not be a huge deal if the user doesn’t have any devices close to where they’re gaming.


In terms of price, a wired mouse is usually much more affordable, even despite the fact that the price for wireless models has gone down considerably over the past few years.

Battery Power

Nothing can be worse than being in the middle of an intense battle and the mouse stops responding because the batteries are dying or are already dead. You obviously won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries in a wired model. You should also anticipate this type of additional cost when you’re trying to choose between both of these styles.

Wired Mouse Pros and Cons

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Durable, lightweight, and priced affordably, these mice feature trusted technology that you can really rely on during gameplay.


  • Less input lag
  • No worry about replacing the batteries
  • No chance of interference
  • More affordable
  • More responsive


  • Short cables can hinder your movements
  • The cable connection will not allow you to sit anywhere else other than at your desk
  • The cables can cause clutter
  • The cable will take up a USB port

Wireless Mouse Pros and Cons

Most users can agree that using the wireless mouse can feel much more convenient compared to a wired mouse. You can also purchase a smaller portable mouse so you can enjoy gaming on the go, when you’re at a friend’s house, or when you’re traveling.


  • No cables to deal with
  • Highly portable
  • You won’t be stuck at your desk in front of your PC
  • You can easily use a wireless mouse to control your monitor’s functions when you’re using it to watch movies
  • A wireless mouse combined with a wireless keyboard can give your desk a cleaner look


  • Uses batteries
  • Interference from other electronics can negatively impact performance
  • Input lag if you use lower-priced models
  • Price

What’s the Best Option?

Choosing between a wired and wireless mouse will all boil down to personal preference and purpose. However, if you’re an avid gamer, then you should stick with a wired model since these are the mice that offer the most reliable performance and make it much easier to navigate through a game. In the future, advancements in technology will help to cut down on the unreliability of the wireless mouse, and hopefully work out the many bugs such as interference and input lag. But until that day, we recommend steering clear of cordless technology, if game performance is a big concern. If you’re not intending on using the mouse for gaming purposes and want a more convenient way to operate your PC, such as when you’re using the PC’s monitor to watch a movie, then a wireless mouse can still be a great option.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to wireless vs wired mouse for gaming purposes, you should stick with wired models. The wired mouse is simply more reliable. You won’t have to worry about changing the batteries, or input lag. Additionally, interference from other wireless electronics in the home will also not be an issue. As it stands, the wired mouse offers a more solid performance. While the cables can be bothersome at times, the top of the line performance and accuracy are both great reasons to stick with a wired model for now.

Wireless vs Wired Mouse: The Better Option for Gaming
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Wireless vs Wired Mouse: The Better Option for Gaming
Find out which type of mouse can totally help to enhance your gaming experience and which type can leave you in the lurch when you need it the most.